Irofix® contains microencapsulated iron that avoids Iron’s unpleasant metallic taste, does not taint the teeth and is easy on the digestive track

Family friendly great tasting iron supplement

Dayonix Irofix® Syrup, microencapsulated iron liquid to boost your and your family’s energy levels.

Delicious iron drops for infants

Dayonix Irofix® microencapsulated iron for growth and development. Plus vitamin D3 for bone and teeth health.

Ideal traveling companion

Dayonix Irofix® Capsule contains microencapsulated iron with multivitamins and minerals for the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

What is microencapsulated iron?

To produce microencapsulated iron, first the iron molecules need to be micronised, break in to small particles, which makes them more water soluble. After being micronised the iron particles get coated by a lipid bilayer membrane like biological membranes. This coating procedure is called microencapsulation and the formed molecule is called liposome. To deliver the iron particles to a site of action, the lipid bilayer can fuse with other bilayers such as the cell membrane, thus delivering the liposome contents. This technology results in increased bioavailability of poorly aqueous soluble particles like iron. This also decreases the side effects following iron digestion.

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